Eye Examinations & Eye Care

Comprehensive eye examinations are provided by experienced optometrists in both store locations.

At Speers Point, Scott Walker is available for bulk billed eye examinations 5 days a week and Saturdays mornings. Scott has a wealth of experience from small rural practices to large corporate companies and has recently moved to Speers Point joining with Lake & Valley Optical to create a partnership in service, knowledge, product and value.

At Branxton your optometrist is Russell. He has been practising optometry for many years in his own business as well as other small businesses and some of the larger companies. He is available 2 days each week in Branxton providing a great balance of experience and service for the local community.

Lake & Valley Optical undertakes:

  • Children’s Vision – All children from the age of 4 years should have an eye examination as a precursor to them entering into the world of pre-school and school.

  • Diabetic Eye Examinations – Special examination to monitor the effect that diabetes may have on your vision and report back to your doctor.

  • Digital Retinal Photography – Put simply, a photograph of the inside of your eye which can identify and monitor disease and abnormalities with the benefit of referring to in the future.

  • Health Care Plan Management – in association with your general practitioner and other allied health services provide eye care.

  • Contact Lens Prescribing – from initial advice and determination to trialing, teaching and follow-up aftercares.

  • Laser Surgery assessment and post-operation management.

  • Referrals to Ophthalmologists (Eye Specialists) for the treatment and management of eye diseases and conditions that require specialist treatment.


Optical Dispensing

Should you need eye wear at the end of your consultation our team of Optical Dispensers are qualified and experienced to dispense the most appropriate option for you and your lifestyle at the price you are comfortable with. Advice on the best lens and frame combinations are all part of what we do.

Your optical dispensers have studied and taken part in practical examinations to learn the best techniques and methods of manufacturing, adjusting and repairing your eyewear. This course of study also involves learning about the thousands of lenses available in today’s market so we can suggest the best option for you.

Our philosophy is that there is always an answer to every question…. Sometimes you may have to look a little longer to find it but it will be there.

Need something custom made? We can do that as well.


Free Adjustments

Lake & Valley Optical know how to adjust your glasses for the best comfort and vision.

Did you know that the correct adjustment on your glasses may help the lenses work better and if adjusted incorrectly may have a negative effect on the way they work?


Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are medical devices and as such do need to be properly fitted. At Lake & Valley Optical, we fit and supply a range of contact lenses from well known brands as well as customised lenses.

Our team will give you the right advice to enable you to be healthy and comfortable while wearing your lenses.