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We are locally owned and locally staffed with knowledgeable, friendly people who care about the needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on being different to the majority. To that end we don’t have shareholders to report to or massive corporate structures to fund and actually like you to ask questions. We also like a chat; it helps us get to know you, and by getting to know you we can offer the most appropriate options for YOU.

At Lake & Valley Optical, we are committed to providing you with the best value options of products and services we offer. Our commitment to you is to consistently exceed your expectations in relation to those products and services.

Our core values are based around the provision of the most appropriate products for a competitive price with the best possible service. We exist due to our customers, and will always be focused on your needs to retain loyalty and expand our reputation.



Professional Associations

Lake & Valley Optical is a member of the following profesisonal industry associations.

Optical Dispensers: Australian Dispensing Opticians Association (ADOA).

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Optometrists: Optometrists Association Australia (OAA). 

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How we can Help You

  • Children’s Vision – All children from the age of 4 years should have an eye examination as a precursor to them entering into the world of pre-school and school.

  • Diabetic Eye Examinations – Special examination to monitor the effect that diabetes may have on your vision and report back to your doctor.

  • Digital Retinal Photography – Put simply, a photograph of the inside of your eye which can identify and monitor disease and abnormalities with the benefit of referring to in the future.

  • Health Care Plan Management – in association with your general practitioner and other allied health services provide eye care.

  • Contact Lens Prescribing – from initial advice and determination to trialing, teaching and follow-up aftercares.

  • Laser Surgery - assessment and post-operation management.

  • Referrals to Ophthalmologists (Eye Specialists) - for the treatment and management of eye diseases and conditions that require specialist treatment.

  • Vision Australia NSW Spectacles Program – The NSW Spectacles Program provides Government funded glasses and vision aids to eligible recipients including the elderly, children, people experiencing homelessness, those living in rural and remote areas, people with disability and Aboriginal and multicultural communities. Click here for more info.

  • Optical Dispensing - our team of Optical Dispensers are qualified and experienced to dispense the most appropriate option for you and your lifestyle at the price you are comfortable with.


Information Brochures

Read or download our brochures on eye conditions and protection.

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Health Fund Members

We are committed to minimising your out-of-pocket expenses and are registered with all health funds participating in the HICAPS direct billing system.

HICAPS (HealthFund EFTPOS) allows you to claim your rebate* on-the-spot. Just bring your health fund membership card with you when you visit.

*Optical benefits are determined by the level of cover you have, your fund’s annual limits, and applicable waiting periods.